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Cathodic Protection and More

Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) use experienced engineers and technicians to complete a range of corrosion prevention services.

The following services are available.

Design Consultancy

CCE will undertake all necessary design and consultancy responsibilities for any cathodic protection project. The extent of these services can be adapted to suit the client’s specific requirements, including:

Analysis of System Performance

Upon commissioning or as requested, existing CP systems can be assessed by CCE. CP test log sheets are used for ongoing maintenance by site personnel. These log sheets are designed to be completed and forwarded to CCE on a regular basis for further analysis and comment.

Installation and Maintenance

CCE can provide skilled teams of personnel to carry out all necessary installation and maintenance work. Typical examples include:

  • Installation of both sacrificial anode cathodic protection (SACP) and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems
  • Provision of all necessary plant, labour and materials to carry out existing system repairs and upgrades
  • CCE have experienced staff who can apply a wide range of experience and qualifications

Training of Personnel

CCE can provide comprehensive training for personnel to conduct on site works such as:

  • Potential testing
  • Impressed current cathodic protection
  • Adjustment and maintenance of CP systems
  • Thermit welding
  • DCVG surveys
  • Pipeline location

Surveys and Investigations

CCE can provide the complete range of cathodic protection surveys:

  • Buried pipeline coating defect survey (DCVG) surveys
  • Data logging surveys
  • HDD current density surveys
  • Coating inspections
  • Marine vessel electrolysis inspections
  • Shipping / dry dock inspections
  • Electrical Interference surveys / electrolysis / stray current investigation
  • Soil Resistivity surveys
  • Cathodic Protection inspections and surveys
  • Continuity Testing
  • HV Spark testing of pipeline coatings / storage tanks for underground service and tank internal coatings

Field Surveys

CCE can provide all necessary CP field services.

  • Site audits to assess the performance of existing cathodic protection systems and determine any necessary adjustments or maintenance required to ensure continued satisfactory operation and asset protection.

Inline Inspections

  • With our partner NDT Global

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